RoadMap for the Fractint Art

First Airdrop with 800 unique designs will be sold at OpenSea execlusivly for royalty program.

Royalty program

Every first holder of the art will get the 5% incentives/royalties from the secondary sales upto 3 times.

20% SOLD

Holders buy first 200 Fractint Art for team and project purposes: giveaways, remuneration, and team members collections. We pay back our early investors.

Physcial copy/ Surprise gifts

We will take a screenshot of the holders and start sending the physcial copy of the art to selected owners. Also there will be surprise gifts to the owners.

Charity work

We will be donating the amount to charity work puprose from the sales.

Host meetups for the holders and Party

We will be hosting the meetups for the holders and sponsor the venue. Stay cool and lets the party begin.

How many Art will be present in this cured program?

There will be 10000 unique arts creatd from the professional designers and airdropped to opensea for the initial 1000 arts.

Airdrop 2?

Yeah you read it correct there will be a party for the next airdop and grow the community for next quater release. There will be Stunning AI arts will be added to the drop. Surprise!!!